• Welcome to IKM GmbH

    Since 1994 IKM has specialised on qualitative market research in Germany and the project management of studies that focus on the European market.

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  • Qualitative Research Consultant

    IKM offers a broad array of methods including the latest developments in online and mobile, combining methods and delivering actionable results.

  • Experience

    IKM looks back at many years in Consumer, B2B and healthcare marketing research as well as successful coordination of international projects.

  • Multilingual

    IKM is frequently involved in global studies, leading the European research: bilingual in English-German and skilled in French and Spanish.

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Our core expertise is qualitative research! With all our team members speaking multiple languages, we are truly international researchers. IKM offers its experiences in the coordination of international projects for the composition and adjustment of questionnaires and for the briefing of interviewers


Create and improve your innovation culture by integrating your internal clients into the full process! We experience a growing need for the researcher to also act as moderator for companies’ internal innovation processes. To this end, we lead creative workshops based on the CPSI process.


We know that acceptance of research results often depends on understanding their full implications on your organization and existing processes. Therefore our reports are action oriented and we offer workshops and consulting advice beyond the traditional standards to fully leverage your results.

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30th Sep

Globale Blitzstudie

Kunden benötigen Insights zwar tief, aber auch immer öfter blitzschnell! Mit Think...

23rd Sep
58422538 - technology background

Design Thinking

Design Thinking braucht qualitative Forschung! Design Thinking ist ein Prozess um systematisch,...

21st Sep
40583639 - design thinking mind map concept

Pokémon Go – Just a Hype?

What’s Behind the Success of Pokemon Go? The staged roll-out of Pokemon...

17th Jul
59371671 - tambov, russian federation - july 13, 2016 person hand starting pokemon go application on apple iphone5s. studio shot.

The Badge of Courage

Ilka Kuhagen erhält Ginny Valentine Award 2016: Fearless Qualitative Experimentation Eine Ehrung...

17th Jul
Award_IKM_IMG_3015 (klein)

Make a Change!

Neue Wege der Insights Generierung   IKM Präsentation bei der QRCA WorldWide...

27th Apr


Kreativ-Techniken vielseitig aber flexibel einsetzen! Nicht überall auf der Welt kann man...

14th Mar

Tief ins Herz!

Tief ins Herz Ihrer Kunden schauen – am besten aber ganz anonym!...

16th Feb

Wieviele Sterne?

Bewertungssysteme mit Sternchen werden immer beliebter  – und immer weniger aussagekräftig!  Was...

08th Dec