The Badge of Courage

On July 17, 2016 by Ilka Kuhagen

Ilka Kuhagen erhält Ginny Valentine Award 2016: Fearless Qualitative Experimentation

Award_IKM_IMG_3015 (klein) GinnyValentineBadge

Eine Ehrung für die Eigenstudien von IKM, die neue Wege in der Qualitative Marktforschung eröffnen.

Als erfahrene Moderatorin und qualitative Forscherin ist Ilka Kuhagen anerkannt als Pionierin für neue Techniken im Rahmen der Qualitative Forschung. Immer wieder testet sie neue Plattformen und Methoden hinsichtlich

  • Erreichen schwieriger Zielgruppen
  • Eignung für hybrides Projektdesign
  • Möglichkeit wirklich in die Tiefe zu gehen
  • Nutzung eines breiten qualitativen Methodenspektrums
  • Einsatz im Rahmen multinationaler Studien
  • Vorteile für den Kunden von IKM
    • Bessere Ergebnisse
    • Schnellere Ergebnisse

Dies hat die Jury hervorgehoben:

As the owner of her own small, very small, business, this winner has repeatedly taken risks by self-funding projects that use untested techniques. For example, nearly ten years ago, she brought together 11 colleagues from around the world to research the communication of teenagers and demonstrated the power of online qualitative research for global insights projects using projective techniques and the whole qualitative toolbox over just textbased chats at the time.

Later she supported a start-up company with a tiny  qualitative community of 20 participants over 9 months, applying all sorts of truly qualitative techniques online and mobile at the different stages from idea development to introduction of the service in the market.     

Just last year, she and her daughter worked on a hybrid global qualitative study comparing attitudes toward climate change, among young global leaders recruited from the UN sponsored One Young World event, with global attitudes as expressed on social media. She thus used Social Media Research to add value to her qualitative research.

IIka’s attitude “Let’s try it and see” is a great reflection of her courage. Many congratulations to Ilka Kuhagen for being a fearless qualitative experimenter. 


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Awarded for fearless qualitative experimentation

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“Ilka is a talented professional and a creative thinker. She came highly recommended as someone with global expertise in qualitative testing. Her extensive knowledge base and years of experience enable her to find the best approaches to meet business objectives. Ilka has shown herself to be highly dedicated to generating in depth consumer insights and gives her all to the field of market research. It has truly been a pleasure to collaborate with her and I look forward to working together for many years to come.”

-Alisa I. Smith, Sr R&D Manager, Kao USA Inc.

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