With international expertise and cultural understanding we can support your team to take the insights to the next level and create change to your success


  • International project management with the opportunity to cooperate with partner offices worldwide: in Great Britain, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Turkey, Bulgaria, Rumania, Australia, New Zealand, India, Mexiko, Brazil, South Africa and the USA.
  • Management of European or German subprojects as part of international studies
  • Field of approx. 15 highly qualified interviewers covering Germany
  • Cooperation with qualified institutes for larger samples
  • Experienced in interviewing management in industrial and public offices
  • “Business-to-Business” and “Employee/Member” Research
  • Recruiting and Incentivising of suitable candidates by IKM
  • Analysis and implementation-focussed reporting
  • Report and presentation in English or German




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