Key Take Aways QRCA Conference 2017

On February 3, 2017 by Ilka Kuhagen

Just back from the QRCA Conference in January in LA!

Three packed days of learning and sharing with colleagues from around the world.

It was a pleasure to meet with 7 associates from Think Global Qualitative, our global network of research partners.  (Rebecca Bryant, USA / Corette Haf, Südafrika / Susan Abbott, Canada / Ilka Kuhagen, Deutschland / Jay Zaltman, USA / Hana Kloukova, Tschechien / Astrid Velasques, Mexico)


My key take aways this year:

  • Great new technology presented – loved the demos of new tools for online and mobile research and video reporting
  • Be aware of the seven sins of memory – circumvent memory failures by doing research at the very moment of purchase and then check back later to confirm and see what stuck
  • Workshop style setting involving clients, designers and consumers
  • Faster turnaround of results: online webcam groups, agile research and report in video format
  • Cameras are everywhere: use smartphones for immersive focus groups
  • Reports tell stories: learn from Hollywood and use storytelling in reports
  • Instacool für Millenials, need to use the short span of attention
  • Qualitative techniques best used for Design Thinking and Customer Experience
  • Research with analphabets oder lower education groups in emerging markets, use creative tools, gaming and projectives
  • Selfethnography for smaller budgets, avoid travels preparing kits to be used by participants

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