Ilka Kuhagen was our lead bilingual consultant of the Dermatology Quality of Life Measurement Design Team at Pfizer Inc. Over the course of a year-long multi-lingual measurement design project, she consistently met project timelines and exceeded all expectations for project deliverables. Her expertise with Internet-based focus group methodologies was essential for the success of our project, and her professional dedication was amply demonstrated, culminating in a journal article we co-authored together.

Mark J. Atkinson MEd., PhD.,Pfizer Inc. & University of California

During my tenure as a marketing research professional at IBRC and the High View Consulting Group, Ilka has provided very effective qualitative research services in the various European countries. These services have included very specific recruitment efforts, custom tailored facility preparations, translations and exceptional moderating. I am very satisfied with the partnership that we have developed during the past eight years and I expect to continue this partnership well into the future.

Rosa MontanteProject ManagerXerox Business Research

I have had the pleasure of working with Ilka and IKM on numerous occasions over the past 10 years. She has provided us with a true partnership for all our international studies. She has done top tier localizing of all our our studies to work in the German, French and UK markets to gain truly best in class research results. Ilka is an innovator when it comes to qualitative methods and I cannot think of someone I trust more to work with in the industry.

Ken LethbridgeQualitative Research DirectorHarris Interactive


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