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IKM has specialised in Moderation and Qualitative Marketing Consulting

Using various methods and often combining multiple methods into a hybrid approach in order to gain information through different channels and combine information to a 360° view. Experienced facilitation of inhouse teams and experts allows additional input for decision making and better implementation based on new insights. With our multicultural and multilingual team we can provide global expertise and consulting based on knowledge of local markets.

Services We Offer


Our core expertise is asking the right questions! We are naturally curious and dig deep to get to the true values, functional benefits and emotional needs. We can help you better understand your customer’s needs, feel their emotions and learn about your own strength and weaknesses.
Not only since Covid 19 we use online and offline methods to gather information and have been pioneers for new tools and techniques.

With all our team members speaking multiple languages, we are truly an international team. IKM offers its experiences in the coordination of international projects for the composition, the adjustment of topic guides and screeners as well as the local briefing.


Create and improve your innovation culture by integrating the internal team into the full process! Ask your customers to help co-create products or discuss with your key opinion leaders the evaluation of future markets.

We help you to bring together research results and internal knowledge. Invite your stakeholders and internal clients to create realistic implementation plans, define specific goals and tasks required and make it actionable. We support your team to assess interdependencies and build an achievable timeline.

To this end, we lead creative workshops based on the CPS process.


With our expertise we suggest the ideal study design, help choose the right targets and markets and focus on the key topics.

Our reports are action oriented, and we offer workshops and consulting advice beyond the traditional standards to fully leverage the results.

With international expertise and cultural understanding, we can support your team to take the insights to the next level and create change to your success. Personal presentations to your team(s) will help to better walk in your customers shoes.

Global Team

We collaborate globally

We offer experience with research projects in all major markets.

Advantage #1:

Efficient, Effective, Experienced

Advantage #2:

Direct Contact – Short Ways

Advantage #3:

Think Global – Work Local

Our team‘s extended network reaches any remote corner of the world.


The Brilliance of AI lies in Human Intelligence

A new era of innovation in the field of research has been sparked by the rise of artificial intelligence (AI). AI is revolutionizing the way we conduct research, enhancing decision-making processes and enhancing data analysis accuracy and

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Featured Speaker

Ilka Kuhagen is a regular speaker on international conferences speaking on international research and new research methodologies. Her latest topics range from ‘Iterative Global Research or Agile Research on an International Scale’ to ‘Hybrid Research with online and mobile methods’.  


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