Case Studies

Times of Corona

A long-term online community to observe changes in behavior, compliance, emotions, and observations of consumers during Lockdown.

Mobile Unleashed

Understanding the role of dogs in the respective cultures and testing a new hybrid approach for innovation: Mobile lifestyle documentation, online discussion, mobile ideation and identification of opportunities

Spice up your insights: Hybrid methodology

Hybrid research approaches also build validation of the insights, and reduce the risk of not hearing the consumer correctly

Make A Ch@nge!

This research project was triggered by the 2015 One Young World Summit and supports a project on climate change, identifying individual effects, what is happening in different parts of the world, and what if anything can be done to make a change.

Exploring a Mini World for Maxi Insight

As Online Communities or MROCs have become more established, many researchers have said they can only succeed with large numbers. Large groups of over a hundred respondents (or more) are used to gain qualitative insights. This research shows that a small group, selected carefully and facilitated with the toolbox of a qualitative researcher can provide deep insights for strategic marketing decisions.

What’s Behind the Success of Pokemon Go?

The staged roll-out of Pokemon Go has left people in countries where it is not yet available feeling left out of a global phenomenon. And it is demonstrating that to some young people, borders no longer matter.