Exciting Joyful Anticipation for The Small Things

Will the lockdown be loosened or continue for another few weeks. All is still in the air in Germany. Though pleasant anticipation is the best kind of delight. After weeks of lockdown and a year of relinquish, what is most looked forward to?

Many participants in our community think they will only slowly get used to a new normal. Only with a high ratio of vaccination, after some time of hesitation and observing people, will participants be able to enjoy happy moments again. However, a feeling of risk avoidance and increasing self responsibility will stick. Many will be traumatized with wearing masks and distancing. Thus, the end of the tunnel will not immediately follow the end of the lockdown but only after some extended period of hesitation.

Still there are some dreams:

  • Friends / Family

Most important will be long missed visits with friends and family. The feeling of a hug, and touching a loved one, is what people feel deprived of the most.

“I want to hug my friends

“I will immediately go and see my grandchild

“Yes, friends, but this is so long ago I met friends, I would almost have forgotten to mention this!!

  • Socializing

Socializing is what people miss most. Meet family and friends in other environments than home (Restaurant/Café/Bar/BBQ/Sports). Feel socially included and serviced.

“Eat something different than at home”

“Sit and chat and observe others”

“Play soccer with friends again

  • Vacation planning / Travels

Travel, to many a basic need, was missed painfully in the past year. Some still travelled, others stayed in Germany and found some fun places unexpectedly. Still travelling is high on the list for the time AC (After Corona).

“I have saved so much money during the pandemic that I can afford some great travelling

“I would love to go someplace warm and sunny for 3 full weeks!

“I just need a vacation

  • And many other small simple activities:

“Movies on a large screen offer such a different experience than just TV screen in your home”

 “Hairdresser – my hair is a catastrophe”

 “Massage – my back hurts from home office”

“Indoor pool – I want to swim again!”

After weeks of “light” lockdown, Germany went into a full lockdown again on December 16th. Advent, Christmas and even New Year’s Eve – hard to imagine how people would comply and deal with the limitations. That day, IKM started a long-term online community to observe changes in behavior, compliance, emotions, and observations of consumers in their close environment.

Stay tuned – We will regularly post findings from this standing consumer community

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