New routines that will stick

Meanwhile, Germans are experienced “Lock-downers”. New routines have become accepted customs and habits. Individual awareness for distance and safety is constantly increasing. But which of these will continue once the lockdown is lifted? What routines will transform to the New Normal?

  • More Me Time

While social distancing forcedpeople to stay at home and figure out what to do, many started to appreciate having more time for themselves

“A bit more me time – this is what I want to keep “

“Intensive long walks with another person. I got to know some people better due to the deep talks we had while walking. I would love to continue with that”

“I learned to busy myself with something and enjoy it”

  • More home office, less travels!

Work environment has changed tremendously. While being stressful in the beginning, especially with homeschooling kids, there are many advantages seen and changes will be made over time. 

“More home office, more time in the office, less travels, less time at clients. Zoom calls have replaced most of my business travels. “

“I experience stress reduction due to the home office”

“Less time spent commuting, more me time”

“I can imagine keeping at least 50% home office in the future”

  • Hygiene

Overall awareness for hygiene has increased over the past year. Disinfection of tools and hand sanitizers have become a regular in private environments, not just medical. Wash hands and washing hands longer will remain with those who experienced this critical time.

“I will continue to wash my hands more often and more intensely”

“It starts with the shopping cart and keeping distance and goes as far as personal hugs”

  • Personal contact

A hug or a handshake in Germany expresses agreement, openness, and friendship – it is part of the German culture. Due to Corona new ways of greetings have been established, like bump elbows, kick feet, air kiss, etc. Furthermore, personal contact has decrease tremendously and one is automatically keeping a “safer distance”. Will the old-fashioned handshake belong to the BC – before Corona?

“I am sure we will shake hands less often than before Corona”

“People you used to hug are often taking a step back. Wonder whether this will stay the same”

  • Grocery shopping

Shopping used to be a social event: finding inspiration to cook, meet friends, a chat over coffee   in the supermarket, this has become obsolete. Basic shopping behavior has changed over time- There is a tendency to go less often and with a clear plan; or just to order online or call delivery.   “Grocery shopping once a week on Saturday, shop straight, drink coffee on the go – there is no normal shopping any longer. I do not even think of what it used to be like”

“I will keep my “Kochkiste“ that is being delivered every Thursday. Honestly, shopping is annoying. “

  • Sports in home

Due to being restricted to their homes and locked out from gyms, participants joined online yoga classes, booked a personal trainer virtually or started weightlifting at home. Some even purchased special equipment and made room even in smaller spaces.

“I have never done sports at home before and it is actually quite good, I will keep this”

  • More video calls

Video calls per se are not new, but the extensive way to use them with friends and family is new.

“I will keep doing video calls to nourish friendships”

After weeks of “light” lockdown, Germany went into a full lockdown again on December 16th. That day, IKM started a long-term online community to observe changes in behavior, compliance, emotions, and observations of consumers in their close environment.

Stay tuned – We will consistently post findings from this standing consumer community

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