Importance Of Energy Saving Factors

As the conversation around global warming takes center stage, more companies are turning to energy-saving solutions to combat rising pollution levels and guide consumers toward more sustainable lifestyles. Paired with tightening emission standards, there’s no doubt a noticeable shift has taken place, moving away from high-consumption products toward energy efficiency in virtually all economic sectors. […]

Social Pressure Impacts Consumer Behavior

Social pressure has long impacted consumer behavior, causing fluctuations in both environmental and sustainability patterns. As the move toward a green future intensifies, consumer’s awareness on how their choices impact the planet is increasing. For many, seeking alternative packaging solutions that move away from plastic is a top priority, as disposable products are increasingly frowned […]

Awareness Impacts Water Consumption

One of the least discussed sustainability topics is water consumption and its impact on consumer behavior. Everything, from the products we use to the food we eat, requires water, but little awareness and information on the subject is available. It takes more than 4,000 liters of water daily per person to produce the goods necessary […]

Inner Endemic 2022

Mutations again and again. After Delta it is now Omicron and new mutations are popping up in different areas in the world, keeping all alert to what will come next. We were wondering how this affected our participants from the IKM long-term community “Times of Corona”   Sedateness People obviously got used to the pandemic […]

Changing Relationships

Two years into the pandemic, during which many have adapted their lifestyle and withdrawn themselves, we were wondering how this might have affected personal relationships, and checked with the IKM long-term community “Times of Corona”.   No loss of close friends The good news is that friends have not been lost over time. People stayed […]

Covid-Outlook 2022

The pandemic is still looming. Germany is facing the third year of Corona. What many thought to be just a few weeks or months has turned out to be much longer and more challenging than expected. IKM has asked their long-term community of consumers “Times of Corona” what they are anticipating for this year to […]

Impact of Vaccination

There is a high acceptance of vaccination amongst the IKM long-term community “Times of Corona” with most participants having been vaccinated and boostered as soon as it was available. Most are ready to take another booster if needed.   Feel free again For many, vaccinations changed everything to the better, and returned thins to normal. […]

Be Responsible And Achieve Peace of Mind: Self Testing

Germany is waiting for at home test kits. In most places they were sold out within a short time frame after opening. While there seems to be a huge demand, there is still also some reluctance and barriers to break down. 70% of the community members think that basically testing kits are great. 30% are […]

New ways to spend money

While participants in the IKM Consumer Community realize they saved money over time during the lockdown, they also became aware of new areas where they spent their money. Changed Lifestyle: A big change is happening in the area of nourishment and food. While eating out has been replaced by home delivery, there is a trend […]