20th Mar

Be Responsible And Achieve Peace of Mind: Self Testing

Germany is waiting for at home test kits. In most places they...

20th Mar

Torn Between Excitement And Fear: open up or close?

There is excitement in the air, Germany is opening up again. Some feel it is to early others are waiting eagerly for normality to return.

15th Mar

New ways to spend money

While participants in the IKM Consumer Community realize they saved money over...

23rd Feb

Vaccination Brings New Hope

Two thirds of the community participants would like to get vaccinated, rather...

15th Feb

Dream or Nightmare: Home Office

The two lockdowns forced many employees to work from home for the...

06th Feb

Exciting Joyful Anticipation for The Small Things

Will the lockdown be loosened or continue for another few weeks. All...

01st Feb

New routines that will stick

Meanwhile, Germans are experienced “Lock-downers”. New routines have become accepted customs and...

26th Jan

Increasing Aggressiveness vs Compliance in Lockdown

For 6 weeks, Germany is in full lockdown again and we observe...

14th Jan

Challenging Corona Christmas Holidays

Christmas of 2020 will most probably be remembered as the “Corona Christmas”...

11th Jan

Every Cloud has a Silverlining

After weeks of “light” lockdown, Germany went into a full lockdown again...